Basic Meanings of The 12 Houses of The Birth Chart.

House Representation


  1. First House: Self – mind, body & soul
  2. Second House: Speech, eyesight, family, accumulated family wealth, etc.
  3. Third House: Younger siblings, auspicious happenings, courage, efforts, duty, etc.
  4. Fourth House: Mother & her relatives, land, house, comforts, vehicle, cows, domestic life, primary education, home country, etc.
  5. Fifth House: Karma of the past life, children, romance, progeny, education, speculation, wealth, fine arts, creativity, etc.
  6. Sixth House: Debts, liabilities, diseases, litigation, enemies, competition, service, etc.
  7. Seventh House: Spouse, business partnership, people other than the self, faraway lands, etc.
  8. Eighth House: Longevity of life, mangalya balam (husband’s longevity) for females, occult, unearned money, unknown places, death, ups and downs, suddenness of incidents, spiritual transformation, etc.
  9. Ninth House: Justice according to self (swadharma), next life after death, father and his relatives, fortune, divine blessings, higher education, wealth, long journey or foreign travel, spirituality, etc.
  10. Tenth House: Karma, Profession, occupation, environment in which we work, social status, deeds/work we do, etc.
  11. Eleventh House: Elder siblings, friends, profits, earned liquid money, fulfillment of desires, large social circle, etc.
  12. Twelfth House: Spirituality, loss, expenditure, isolation, foreign lands, etc.

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