Twist or Turn?


Twist or Turn? - A picture of Conches on the sands of a beach

Twist by the aquatic twirl,

Grist to the oceanic whirl,

Hist to the auditory swirl,

Tryst to the romantic curl.

Twist or Turn? - A picture of Conches on the sands of a beach

Consist of knotty gnarl,

Insist on internal furl,

Persist on to spiral knurl,

Resist to external hurl.

Bullie & Baarbie



Solid, Liquid, Gas?

Where the Liquid-meets-the-Solid,

Solid, Liquid or Gas? - A view of a Lakeshore

There is Life-Valid,

Care for the Polluted,

Beware of being Pallid.

Inspired by Daily Post Photo Challenge Liquid

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A Titan of the Time

In this century,

Living a 100 hundred years is a rare phenomenon!

Achieving success in a career for 80 years is a rarer one!!

Soaring high for over 50 years is the rarest!!!

A greatest life unparalleled by another soul is the rarest of the rarest!!!!


It is Dr. Kalaignar M. Karunanidhi aged 94, that passed away on August 7, 2018, who was the King of the Dravidian Movement called the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (DMK).

Dr. Karunanidhi entered into politics at the age of 14.  It was the rationalist and socialist ideology in addition to the dedication towards the betterment of the people of the lower strata of the caste-based society, the underprivileged and the needy 🙏 which gathered a colossal number of followers for him and the DMK. 

He won the 1957 elections and entered the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly at the age of 33.  When Mr. Annadurai expired in 1969, Dr. Kalaignar became the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu and the first leader of DMK.  He has held various positions in the party and government during his long career in the Indian political arena in general and TamilNadu politics in particular.

Achievements ✌️

Chief Minister of the state of Tamil Nadu for 5 terms (25 years) 👏

Undefeated as an MLA (Member of Legislative Assembly) since 1957 👏

A Legislator for 60 years 👏 ✌️

Author / Orator / Poet / Playwright /Screenplay writer / Statesman 👏

Rest in Peace! our beloved leader… 😥

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It’s Weekend!


Sounds exciting! Isn’t it?

Weekend - A view of Marina Beach

Beautiful tourism locations!…

One of a kind is the Marina Beach in Chennai, where the local people spend their leisure time during weekends and/or anytime, also visited by the tourists from all over the world.

What could be found predominantly there, are the encroaching kiosks (or small shops varying from a fast food to a merry-go-round), which is very unlikely in such a location known to be the largest beach in the Asian Continent.  Moreover, they are scattered all over the big vast stretch of the beach instead of being located in an orderly manner in specific places.

It is high time that we recognize this viewpoint and improve the chaotic and unhygienic condition of its environment to make the place even better and beautiful.


Inspired by Daily Post Photo Challenge Unlikely

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My Place in the World

A great location in the world to live in…(the Marina Beach in Chennai, India)

My Place in the World - A picturesque view of Chennai's Marina Beach

Like –

Driving on the roads,

Strolling on the streets,

Playing in the sands,

Dancing with the waves,

Eating and drinking,

Ascending the lighthouse for a view and

Wandering all over the place!

Bullie & Baarbie