More! Not Less

Less is not More!! 😀

More or less,


But if desire is more,

More is Less!!! 😂

Bullie & Baarbie


My Place in the World

A great location in the world to live in…(the Marina Beach in Chennai, India)

My Place in the World - A picturesque view of Chennai's Marina Beach

Like –

Driving on the roads,

Strolling on the streets,

Playing in the sands,

Dancing with the waves,

Eating and drinking,

Ascending the lighthouse for a view and

Wandering all over the place!

Bullie & Baarbie


East and West

The Rising Sun
The Setting…


Inspired by Daily Post Photo Challenge Rise/Set
Bullie & Baarbie


Birthday Bash – March 11, 2018

My Dearest Son, Bullie Boy 👦

(Bullie meaning Darling),

Many More Happy Returns of the Day!… 😀

May God Bless You with a Long Life of great Health, Success and Happiness!!!…😍

Birthday Bash - A Picture of Morning Glories

May All Your Dreams Come True… 😘


-Mom, Baarbie & Family


The Superstar

A Tribute to…

the First Female Superstar Ever of Indian Cinema

A Child Prodigy

A Voice of many Languages

An Angelic Beauty

An Autonomous Actor

A Graceful Dancer

A School of Fine Arts

A Charming and Popular Personality

A Beloved Sweetheart

A Loving and Caring Mother

The Superstar - A Portrait of Sridevi Kapoor

Above all,

An Inspiration to her Fans, Family & Friends

A Great Soul Out of This World

Rest in Peace – Sridevi Kapoor Ayyappan

You will remain immortal in our hearts forever!


Inspired by the Daily Post Photo Challenge Out of This World

and smile

Daily Prompt Suddenly 

Bullie & Baarbie