In general, Zips are used to close or open bags, garments, purses, et al.


Zip code – A postal code used after the address for delivery of mails and/or parcels.

In Computer Applications, a ZIP file is a file stored on a Zip cartridge/disk or a file which contains files which are compressed into the ZIP format (also called a zipped file or archive).

ZIP Image

The ZIP algorithm is the most popular compression method in use.

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Child’s Play – A Journey of Joy or Sorrow?

Before the invention of computer/Internet/Technology – Kids liked to play in mud, were active running and playing with balls, etc.

Children Now !! – Addiction to Technology

After the invention of computer/Internet/Technology – They like to play only computer/mobile games making room for constant exposure to mild emission and/or radiation through Wi-Fi, etc, losing their physical activities and a healthy way of lifestyle.

Are we evolving or moving backwards?…Care for Children … Save the Children !!!