Scale Your Growth

Exceptional Comparisons Tiny Blocks of Shelter on Mighty Mountains Scaling Heights of Towering Trees On what scale do you measure your growth? On it depends whether you’re successful or not! Inspired by the WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge Scale WordPress Daily Prompt Exceptional Bullyboy-Shammypapa Bullie & Baarbie  

Alley – Don’t Lose Your Marbles!

Alley Alleys – Under a shade and without shade Walk down the alleys of sweet memories, Talk out the adjectives of all things around, Stalk into the aura of pleasantness present, Balk not to enjoy the goodness of life itself.   Alleys in Gardens Alleys in Mountainous Terrain An Alley in a Field   Inspired… Read More

Silence is Golden

Golden Bask in the Golden Rays of Blessings from the Heaven Silence is GOLDEN sometimes! When, is in the context of situations!! Inspired by Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Golden The Daily Post Photo Challenge Elemental Glow Serene Silence Bullie & Baarbie