Recalling Pleasant Memories

The Story of My Holiday A year ago, it would have been better if we'd taken the popular train from Mettupalayam to Ooty, up the great mountains of Nilgiris, for it would have been a more relishing journey than by car. However, booking tickets was a hectic task as there was a great demand for…Read more Recalling Pleasant Memories


Scale Your Growth

  Exceptional Comparisons Tiny Blocks of Shelter on Mighty Mountains   Scaling Heights of Towering Trees   On what scale do you measure your growth? On it depends whether you're successful or not! Inspired by the WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge Scale WordPress Daily Prompt Exceptional BullyboyShammypapa                …Read more Scale Your Growth

Alley – Don’t Lose Your Marbles!

  Frank's Tuesday Photo Challenge - Alley Alleys - Under a shade and without shade     Alleys in Gardens       Alleys in Mountainous Terrain   An Alley in a Field   Walk down the alleys of sweet memories, Talk out the adjectives of all things around, Stalk into the aura of pleasantness…Read more Alley – Don’t Lose Your Marbles!