Twist or Turn?

Conches… Twist by the aquatic twirl, Grist to the oceanic whirl, Hist to the auditory swirl, Tryst to the romantic curl. Consist of knotty gnarl, Insist on internal furl, Persist on to spiral knurl, Resist to external hurl. Bullie & Baarbie  

My Place in the World

A great location in the world to live in…(the Marina Beach in Chennai, India) Like – Driving on the roads, Strolling on the streets, Playing in the sands, Dancing with the waves, Eating and drinking, Ascending the lighthouse for a view and Wandering all over the place! Bullie & Baarbie  

Moon or Mom?

Moon The QUEEN of the Living Planet, The Round Mirror of the Sun, The Beauty of the Universe, The Swiftest of all Planets; The MOTHER of All Things, The Instinctive Mind of Intuition, The Greatest Source of Imagination, The Manifestation of Creativity; The MOON, the Largest Magnetic Aquaphile, The Voyager into the Depths of Unexplored… Read More

Every Tuesday – 2017

Top Ten in the Year Twenty Seventeen 1.  Cook, Eat and Drink 2.  Silence is Golden 3.  Woody Mood 4.  A Rich Cultural Heritage 5.  Bends and Slopes 6.  Pink or Flowers? 7.  An Unusual Sight 8.  Sky is not the Limit 9.  Where is the Bridge? 10.  Curves Above blogs are the ones which… Read More

Sandy Terrains

Sands on Terrains Sand on Mountains Sand on Beaches Sand on Plains Every particle of air in the sky, Every drop of morning dew, Every spark of blazing fire, Every grain of dry and wet sand; For us to put our foot forth Firmly on the Earth; Say the captivating news to those who would… Read More