The Road Taken

  Road Taken –   Being born, brought up and living in a city, the sight of cattle grazing on a hill  (there was a slight drizzle of rain too!)  was a surprise to my eyes!     The view of the mountain range came as a surprise too.           Bullyboy… Read More

Repurpose – Catharanthus Roseus

  This flower is Catharanthus Roseus. Other names of the flower include Vinca Rosea, Rose periwinkle or Cape periwinkle.     This flower can be also used as an herbal medicine for cancer.  However, raw intake of the flower is toxic. Also visit, Inspired by WordPress the Daily Post Photo Challenge Repurpose Frank Jansen’s… Read More

Ten Blogs

  The ten most recent blogs of my other website, are     Specific Direction – Shine – Cling – Birthday Bash – Unseen – Invitation – Come Again – Aesthetic – A Graceful Scene – Flowers – Catharanthus Roseus – One Word Photo Challenge… Read More