The Wilderness

Candid Cam A Thirsty Wild Cat Loitering Monkeys Family Time! Hungry Macaws A Busy Butterfly There’s a silence in the wilderness too! Inspired by WordPress Photo Challenge Silence and Beloved and Daily Prompts Candid and Tardy Creature  Bullie & Baarbie  

Bends and Slopes

  Roads in Coonnoor and Ooty Bends like a hairpin, Slopes like a rollercoaster, Sways us to the sides, Plays us on the rides, Was it a hill station or an amusement park?   Inspired by Daily Post Photo Challenge Rounded Serene Beloved Daily Prompt Meander Bullie & Baarbie  

Graceful – Mother Nature

Which is graceful? The Roof of Sky? The Bed of Water? The Light of Sun? The Pillows of Hills? The Piece of Plant? or simply The Boat and the Boatman? … Graceful is Mother Nature! herself   Inspired by WordPress Daily Post Photo Challenge Serene and Beloved Rise/Set Bullie & Baarbie