Blu Rays & Reflection

  Blue Violet, Indigo and Blue                   Does blue mean sad and gloomy? It is calm and pleasant!       Inspired by Frank Jansen's Dutch goes the Photo Tuesday Challenge Blue Daily Post Prompt Priceless WordPress Photo Challenge Variations on a Theme Bullie & Baarbie

Pink or flowers?

  Frank Jansen's Tuesday Photo Challenge - Pink     Pinky pinky flowers, Wrinkly wrinkly leaves, Dinky dinky pots, Inky pinky ponky!       Inspired by Frank's Dutch goes the photo Tuesday Challenge Pink Bullyboy       // (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});      


  Thursday's Special: Female All Females - the flowers, trees and women...         F - Fortitudinous E - Empathetic M - Merciful A - Authentic L - Lovable E - Enduring     Inspired by Paula's Lost In Translation Thursday's Special Female Bullyboy              

Blankets in Nature

Blankets in nature are manifold The Blankets of the Sky and the Clouds   Blanket of Water   Blanket of Sand   Blanket of Turf   Blanket of Vegetation   Blanket of Flowers   Still more - Different layers of the blanket of atmosphere, Blanket of sunlight, radiation, et al, Blanket of waterfalls and so…Read more Blankets in Nature