Moon or Mom?

  The QUEEN of the Living Planet, The Round Mirror of the Sun, The Beauty of the Universe, The Swiftest of all Planets; The MOTHER of All Things, The Instinctive Mind of Intuition, The Greatest Source of Imagination, The Manifestation of Creativity; The MOON, the Largest Magnetic Aquaphile, The Voyager into the Depths of Unexplored…Read more Moon or Mom?


Artwork of My Two-Year-Old Boy

On the Mother's day in 2012, he was given a design and asked to do a drawing in an Artwork for Kids program. Four years ago, he was an early pre-schooler attending classes at an age of two years (he hadn't even started to that time), as a result of both the parents' inevitable…Read more Artwork of My Two-Year-Old Boy

Pleasant Moon

The Moon The Sun governs the soul and the Moon rules emotions and feelings.  There would be no life on Earth without these two luminaries.  The Moon is the Queen of the Solar System.  The physical effects of her pull on earth in terms of gravity are seen through the tides of the ocean.  Most…Read more Pleasant Moon