Pink or flowers?


Pink or Flowers? - A picture of flowers in all shades of pink

Pink or Flowers? - A picture of pink flowers

Pinky pinky flowers,

Wrinkly wrinkly leaves,

Dinky dinky pots,

Inky pinky ponky!


Inspired by Frank’s Dutch goes the photo Tuesday Challenge Pink

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Bury the Seeds of Life

Bury the Seeds in the Soil! Now!!



For what (soil) plants and trees give us:
Food Grains:  Rice, Pulses, wheat, nuts and spices
Oil:  Gingelly, coconut, olive, corn, sunflower, peanut and in general, vegetable oils.
All Fruits and Vegetables
Beverages:  Coffee, tea and cocoa
Clothes: Cotton
Medicines:  Basil, Neem, Aloe Vera, Eucalyptus, Mint, et al.
Others:  Wood, Color (dye), paper, rubber, gum, et al!!!!




Inspired by the Daily Post prompt Bury
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Renewal of a Day – Dawn

Renewal of Plants – Seeds



Renewal of Wet Sand – Waves on the Seashore



A beach on the East Coast Road, Chennai, India

Renewal of Night – Dusk



A sunset at the Marina Beach Road, Chennai, India. (Marina is the second largest beach in the world)

Renewal of Life – Birth

Renewal of Vision – Light

Renewal of Sound – Music

Renewal of Speech – Voice

Renewal of Smell – Fragrance

Renewal of Taste – Deliciousness



Potato and Peas Curry cooked by the author

Renewal of Health – Exercise

Renewal of Mind – Experience

Renewal of Love – Relationship

Renewal of Action – Effort

Renewal of Performance – Innovation

Renewal of Talent – Creativity

Renewal of Work – Reward

Renewal of Time – Travel / Time Travel

Renewal of Anything – Recurrence


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