Sandy Terrains

Sands on Terrains Sand on Mountains Sand on Beaches Sand on Plains Every particle of air in the sky, Every drop of morning dew, Every spark of blazing fire, Every grain of dry and wet sand; For us to put our foot forth Firmly on the Earth; Say the captivating news to those who would… Read More

Need of the Hour

Hour A unit of measurement of the Earth’s rotation Need of an Hour of darkness The Sun rose and set, But the hours went on; The winds blew in its specific directions, But the hours went on; It drizzled, showered and rained heavily, But the hours went on; The snow fell and melted, But the… Read More

Portion of Role

An overlap of portions of land and sky Each portion playing its interdependent role: Land – Supporting! life on earth, Sky – Protecting!! life on earth, Our Portion of role – Enhancing!!! life on earth.   Inspired by the Daily Post Prompt Portion Bullyboy-Shammypapa Bullie & Baarbie  


Unmoored Are Paddles of boats and ships, Amongst the fishes in water; Wings of gliders and planes, Amongst the birds in the air;     Our dreams and thoughts, Amongst the energy of the universe; Things – living and non-living, Amongst everything on land, water and air.       Inspired by Bullyboy  … Read More

Red Green Blue – Tuesday Photo Challenge

  Red, Green and Blue are found almost everywhere around us. Lets take a virtual tour of these colors –                 Red Green Blue, Said to be the hue, Sped before the cue, LED for your view…       Inspired by Bullyboy