PROGRESS Vertically? Or Horizontally? … Progress in ALL DIRECTIONS!!!!!!!! Yes, in all areas of life and after life! Leading to Transformation!! (‘Jaragandi’ is a Telugu word for ‘move’, used at Tirupati Tirumala God Balaji Temple) 😀 (asking the devotees to move in a single file to visit the God) Inspired by Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes… Read More

Cook, Eat & Drink!

Peek into the Kitchen to go Cooking! Pick and choose the vegetables, Cut them into pieces, Cook them, Enjoy the Brinjal & Moringa Curry Peek into the Kitchen to go Fishing! Eat the Fried Fishes And drink a glass of water… … Wait,…did you say it’s delicious? 🙂 Inspired by Frank Jansen’s Dutch goes the… Read More


  Vanish?       Vanishing is an act of transformation from one form into another; since matter or energy can neither be created nor be destroyed… via Daily Prompt: Vanish Daily Post Prompt… Daily Post Photo Challenge Transformation BullyboyShammypapa