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“Nice lines. Nice click as well!”

Comment by Prakash Hegade on the post, Forward

“The last line hit me like a truck, the realisation of falling may not be failing. Wondrously depicted in a few crisp words. Loving the style of your writing. Nice layout. Have hope, write on!”

Comment by Zeckrombryan on the post, Descending

“Great verse to go with great photos.”

Comment by Joseph Elon Lillie

“Your blog is beautiful! Love the photo!”

Comment by teaandpaper

“Your writing is captivating and brilliant!! may I recommend a darker font for greater contrast. it would make it much easier to read. the font color blends so much with the background that I couldn’t make it out so I felt like I was missing out big time. Fabulous work! (light yellows and blues are some of the most notorious for blending into the background).”

Comment by HannahTK

“Oh Bullyboy, I love this. It made me sad and happy at the same time. Your photos and poem touched me. Thank you! Debbie”

Comment by The author of forgivingjournal, Debbie

“Wow your photos are so colourful! The fried fish is a work of art and looks DELICIOUS too!”

Comment by heavenhappens on Cook, Eat and Drink

“Love your variety of pics and words here.”

Comment by Miriam

“each picture is so pretty!”

Comment by Adventures of a Busy MomCom

“I love the alliteration in this poem. So true, there is a silver lining in every situation. There is always something good to come out of everything – it just depends on how we look at it. Beautiful photo too. That sun looks eager to jump out from behind those clouds.”

Comment by Mabel Kwond

“Hello Bullyboy
The way you presented this challenge is an ode to women. Beauty in words and images. I’m grateful.”

Comment by Paula on the post, Females

“The first looks like a scene from Star Wars.”

Comment by Johanna Bradley on the post, A Rich Cultural Heritage

“There is a unity! Smiles for the video.”

Comment by Prakash Hegade on the post, Immerse